Family Visit to Capilano Park


Today (July 1st), which happens to be Canada Day in these parts, the whole family had a great outing in Capilano Park (between Cleveland Dam and the federally-run salmon hatchery), less than 15 minutes from home in North Vancouver. It was a good outing to have before sitting down to witnessing Italy’s crushing defeat to the Spaniards in the Euro Cup 2012.

As is usually the case in natural areas on the Northwest coast of North America, we were able to admire rushing waters and lush green plants and trees, since they are often covered in moss. The photos below should give you a faint idea of the natural (and sometimes human-modified) beauty we witnessed.


Again, although this was not the objective of our walk, I was able to hear (and in a few cases see) various birds, including American Robins and Pacific Wrens, not too mention various unidentified thrushes, warlbers and various wood peepers. I’m also fairly certain hat I heared a Pacific-slope Flycatcher (would have been a lifer if I had been 99.9% certain). I also think that I saw a Western Tanager eating berries, but I was not able to get a second look to confirm, so it will have to remain a tantilizing possibility for now. I did get to photograph a huge (Banana?) slug and some nive flowers, however.



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