Bold and Mischievous: The Grey Jay

Faithful readers: You may be wondering why I did not post my regular Thursday Bird Photo. The reason is quite simple (and not at all sinister): I forgot! The week at work was so crazy, that I simply did not remember that some of you might be waiting to see what I had in store.

Soooo…. in order to excuse myself, I’ve decided to put a bit of a longer post with four pictures about an extraordinary bird seen in most of Canada: the Grey Jay (Latin: Perisoreus canadensis; en français: Mésangeai du Canada). Also known as the Canada Jay or Whiskey Jack (the latter being the Anglicized version of the Algonquian trickster god Wisakedjak), it is frequently found in boreal forests or (as was case with these birds) in mountainous areas.

These birds are really quite intelligent (like most members of the jay/crow family); they are also quite bold, even aggressive, in the presence of humans, especially if they believe they might be able to get some food. This is due in part to the fact that survival in these forests is tenuous, so any food source is to be obtained and stored at all costs. In fact, while I was taking one of these pictures, a jay landed on my baseball cap and, on another occasion, on my camera lens. My children thought it was quite funny, as you can imagine!

These pictures were all taken on Blackcomb Mountain in British Columbia, Canada.


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