A Vancouver Island Mystery

The following photo was taken on Vancouver Island a few weeks ago. As you can see, it is a tree with a whole bunch of things hung on it. Most of them are boots, shoes and sandals, but also include a pair of skis, a chair, an orange traffic cone and even underwear. It was taken on the main road leading to Great Central Lake. Aside from a sign posted by someone in 2005 asking what this was, there is no real indication as to what this is or why it is there.

A quick search on internet has revealed that there are other shoe trees similar to it elswhere in the world and that this one might have been started by loggers who put up old pairs of cork shoes on a tree that was still alive.

So my question to you is simple: Do you know if the logger explanation is correct or if this tree serves any function other than making vistors stop their car to take a few pictures?


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