Sign of Life, thanks to the Northern Flicker

Hello all! I’ve been away for a while (being busy at work and with the family, but its been great fun!) and I wanted to give you, my faithful readers, a sign of life. I also thought I would send out my thoughts to anyone reading this on the east coast after Sandy’s unwelcome visit. I guess that and Saturday’s 7.7 earthquake off of B.C.’s northern coast, to name but the two most recent events, is nature’s way of reminding us who is the real boss.

In any event, this short entry on my blog comes to you courtesy of a beautiful bird, the Northern Flicker. To be more precise, this is the “Red Shafted” subspecies prevalent in the western part of North America. They can be sometimes hard to spot, but they seem to come out and say hello (or, as some people have told me, “clear”) fairly frequently in October and November.

I took this photo yesterday, from our third floor balcony. Please let me know what you think (or what you’re thinking!).

Northern Flicker taken near Vancouver, BC (Canada)


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