Another sign of life…

Dear Reader,

Once again, I was gone for a long time… Fall is always such a busy time for me. In light of all the bad news these days (which hits especially hard when you have two young children you love very much), I thought I would try to lighten things up a little by talking about how great this winter has been so far for birds in our garden out front and especially in our backyard since I have put up a new feeder.

Since the sun has decided to hide, I have seen many birds aside from the “usual suspects” (Northwestern Crows and various Gulls): House Finches, Dark-eyed (“Orgegon”) Juncos, Pine Siskins (but far fewer so far than last year), Spotted Towhees, Black-capped Chickadees, Bushtits, Norther Flickers, Steller’s Jays, American Robins and Song Sparrows (and maybe a Fox Sparrow, but I would have to see it again more clearly to confirm this). But the two highlights for me so far are a Red-breasted Nuthatch (pictured below) and a flock of Evening Grosbeaks, a species I hadn’t seen in years, which perched in a tree in our front garden for over an hour.

Now if only I could attract one of the local Anna’s Hummingbirds to my new hummingbird feeder!



One thought on “Another sign of life…

  1. Update: The day following this post, my wish came true, since an Anna’s Hummingbird visited our new hummingbird feeder. He (it was a male, with that lovely ruby throat) seemed to like it, too, since he came back a second time.

    Further update: as you can see elsewhere on this site, I even got some photos of an Anna’s at my hummingbird feeder! Success!

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