7 comments on “January 2013 Stanley Park Bird Count

  1. pierre, such vivid photographs–beautiful! i’ve only been to vancouver once, but remember stanley park. glad you got to see the goose! :) –kris

  2. Wonderful photos. I find it very interesting to compare the birds you have in Vancouver now to those that are wintering in Florida or have pasted through on their way to points south.

  3. Thanks! Yes it is interesting to compare BC with FL, especially that one would not think of the Vancouver region as a major wintering hot spot for birds. And this year has been especially interesting in this regard, it would seem.

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  5. What an oustanding group of birds and fabulous photo’s! Thank you for sharing them. Vancouver sure has some amazing winter visitors!

    • Thank you (two weeks late!), I’m glad you liked the photos. As you may have noticed, I’ve put up quite a few more since and will continue to do so!

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