March 2013 Stanley Park Ecology Society Bird Count

As my faithful readers already know, I am a regular volunteer on the monthly Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) bird count in Vancouver, BC’s Stanley Park. This time around, over a dozen hardy volunteers were willing to brave the cloudy and chilly day to count birds around the park’s Lost Lagoon and Beaver Lake.

Aside from allowing all participants to appreciate this splendid natural area minutes from downtown Vancouver, the gathering of consistent data allows SPES to obtain highly reliable measures of the park’s bird population. Kudos once again to Robyn Worcester, SPES’s conservation officer and the fearless leader of this monthly count.

The full tally of this month’s bird is available here: SPES_Bird_Count-March_2013. (If you would like to see more photos of the count, please visit my young colleague Liron’s webpage.)

Although this was a good count when it comes to the diversity and number of birds seen and counted, I would have to say that the highlight was the Bewick’s Wren we were able to hear and see up close – as you can see below, I even got a photo of it, although it is not one of my best. A few moments after, I also got a brief look at a Pacific Wren. I should add that one of birds featured in the slide show, the Greater White-fronted Goose, was not seen on the official portion of the count, but is included because it was found during our walk from one count area (Lost Lagoon) to the next (Beaver Lake), in or around the park’s Rose Garden.

I would like to once again to thank SPES and especially Robyn for holding this event every month since 2006 – it is highly appreciated by all participants. To find out more about SPES, its mission and activities and of course about Stanley Park, click on the link above to visit their excellent website.

I should point out that I will post a photographic essay of Stanley Park and a few of its birds on March 17 on Bird Canada – stay tuned!

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