Mystery Bird

Dear Reader: If you know something about North American finches or sparrows, please take a look at the photo that I posted on the What Bird Is This? blog a few minutes ago. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Mystery Bird

      1. Just be aware that things are slow there at the moment. More people will be looking tomorrow during peak time…It’s a nice place–where I washed up when We Love Birds screwed us over, uh, I mean, stopped operating. Much bigger, though, so some of that intimate feeling is lost…

      2. Thanks, I have already signed up and will see how it goes. I find it interesting how upset people still are about the disappearance of We Love Birds… it was a great site, too bad the founders did not plan for its growth.

  1. Yes, well, a lot of folks had put up a lot of very creative material there…

    Forgot to warn you that there’s an unannounced delay for 1st posters at Whatbird. So that it initially looks as if your first post doesn’t go through, thus many people end up double posting their first time. (I’m trying to get the mods to put some notification in about that!) I

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