Of birds, wind and waves…

Last Monday (April 30), I was one of the people who volunteered to help with a migratory bird survey conducted every spring since 2007 by Stanley Park Ecology Society‘s (SPES) Conservation Officer, Robyn Worcester.

The day started well enough, with a lovely sunrise and a bit of a breeze when I left my home at 5:20 am to catch the bus that would take me to the park on time for the 6:00 am start. Once there, I noted that the wind seemed to have picked up a bit, but this did not seem too alarming to me. When we headed out the door to visit the first of the ten stations we were supposed to monitor on this day, however, it soon became apparent that the winds would impair our ability to hear the birds we were supposed to be counting and might even be a safety concern if branches were to start falling on our heads. When we arrived at the fourth station, and even though I heard one bird for the first time of my amateur birding career (a Black-throated Grey Warbler), it was apparent that not only was the wind not dying down, it was actually getting stronger and so covered the voices of the birds even more than before. At that point, our leader Robyn decided to call the survey off.

I was of course disappointed, but as we drove around Stanley Park, I noticed that Vancouver’s normally placid English Bay seemed to be displaying some pretty impressive wave action so, armed with my camera, I decided to investigate. As you can see from the photos displayed below, I did manage to capture a few pictures of some interesting birds on my way to the waves, including a lone Greater White-fronted Goose that did not seem in a hurry to leave this beautiful part of the world to go to its breeding grounds in Alaska and Canada’s Arctic.

But I mainly wanted to get some shots of the waves and I was not disappointed, as the images below should demonstrate!


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