Brandywine Falls Provincial Park (British Columbia)

Brandywine Falls (British Columbia)

Brandywine Falls (British Columbia)

Last weekend, the family and I visited Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, about 47 km north of Squamish, in British Columbia. It was a nice discovery (for us). First are the very impressive 70 meter falls, pictured above. After this impressive example of nature’s power, we walked along a few beautiful trails passing through varied deciduous and coniferous forests, not to mention wet areas complete with hungry mosquitos and other insects. In spite of the cloudy conditions, we were also occasionally able to get occasional glimpses of the surrounding mountains.

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And since I am of course obsessed with birds, I figured I should finish this short photo essay with a few bird photos taken on this occasion. This time around, they feature a pair of Harlequin Ducks taken from some distance and a few Steller’s Jays that got quite close to me thanks to some tourists who decided to feed them next to the park’s parking lot.

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