Birds of Europe

Now that I’ve returned from an all too brief trip to Europe, I thought I would post a few bird pictures taken there. Although I did not do any serious birding on this particular trip, I still managed to see many species and even added a couple of beautiful birds to my life list: the Black Woodpecker (en français, Pic noir / Scientific name: Dryocopus martius) and Red Kite (Milan royal; Milvus milvus). I may very well have seen both of these before, given the number of times I was able to spot them in a relatively short amount of time, but it was great to get 100% confirmation on both.

Although only a few of the photos presented here are as good as I would like them, I am very pleased with the pictures I took of the European Robin (Rougegorge familier / Erithacus rubecula), taken in an urban garden in Berlin – one of these pictures is on display here. Another bird that I was able to capture well is the Egyptian Goose (Ouette d’Égypte / Alopochen aegyptiaca), which seems to be more closely related to shelducks than geese. Because it is quite popular as an ornamental species, it has been introduced in the wild in various places in Europe, including Germany, where I found several colonies of these birds in or close to Berlin and Frankfurt.

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