D50 Archives: Pigeon Guillemot


March 2013

I have taken an editorial decision: In order to stretch out how long I can post photos without repeating a species (I hope that made sense), as of today, I will publish my D50 archives only once a week, every Thursday morning.

This week’s post features the Pigeon Guillemot (en français: Guillemot colombin; scientific name: Cepphus columba). For the past two winters and springs, I have found these birds near the Burrard Dry Dock Pier in North Vancouver. I believe they nest somewhere under the dock, but have yet to find conclusive proof of this. What I have observed and captured in a series of photos taken over the past two years, including the one above, are a pair of birds circling each other for several minutes on the water and chattering away quite loudly to one another.

I’ve included the picture below in this post because it shows very clearly one of the characteristic field marks that distinguishes this species from the very similar Black Guillemot, namely the black mark that streaks the wing’s white “window.”


March 2013


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