UPDATE: you may see more photos of this handsome guy on my monthly guest post for Bird Canada.

Some days, you’re lucky, others, not so much. Today, I guess I was lucky: I set out during my lunch time at work to take some bird photos. I was hoping to capture some Golden-crowned Kinglets or maybe a Pacific Wren. I heard and even saw both of these species, but did not get a single photo. However, I was able to add a new and quite unexpected bird to add to my life list, namely the Red-throated Loon. Very neat.

But the highlight of my little outing today was that, in the early part of my walk, I saw an Anna’s Hummingbird close by in a small bush. As I got closer to it and started snapping away, it stayed and posed for me for at least ten minutes, if not longer. I was able to get dozens of great photos. I will post more text and photos on this flying jewel on my guest blog on the Bird Canada website on January 17, but I thought I could whet your appetite right now by posting one of the many photos I took earlier today:



5 thoughts on “Luck

    1. Thank you for the compliment — I was feeling great about life in general after I got these shots, to be sure. And it is indeed a good thing that my lens’s vibration reduction feature was on and that it works so well!

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