Another hummingbird picture…

UPDATE: you may see more photos of this handsome guy on my monthly guest post for Bird Canada.

I could not resist posting a second picture of the male Anna’s Hummingbird (en français: Colibri d’Anna | Scientific name: Calypte anna) I found on the edge of UBC’s Point Grey campus on Monday. (If you would like to see yesterday’s blog post, click here.)

The following picture was taken yesterday (Tuesday) in the same spot and on the exact same branch, in fact. If you look closely, you will note that the bird is signing (its bill is slightly open):



4 thoughts on “Another hummingbird picture…

    1. Thank you! These birds are indeed rather spectacular. Funny thing is that although they are quite abundant when and where you can find them, their range is fairly limited, especially here in Canada, where it is found only on or near the Pacific coast (it would no doubt be too cold for them in the winter in the interior).

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