D50 Archives: Northern Pintail


I have decided to feature a beautiful duck on this week’s “D50 Archives” feature, the Northern Pintail (en français : Canard pilet | Scientific name: Anas acuta).

In the winter and spring months, they can be found in abundance in certain areas of British Columbia’s (Western) Lower Mainland, including at Delta’s fabulous Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. This is where I took both pictures featured today (in March 2013). I would have liked to include a shot of the understated but lovely female, but I did not find one. Next time I see one with a camera, I will take a few pictures and publish at least one of them in my blog!



4 thoughts on “D50 Archives: Northern Pintail

      1. one of the places I used to watch birds meant the nearest viewing point was easily 400 yards away (maybe more), so picking up colour was less likely. They are such delicate ducks.

      2. We are lucky in British Columbia in that many bird species here are quite easy to approach, including these ducks. This is due in part to the fact that most of them winter here; if they nested, it would probably be quite a different story!

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