Bald Eagles

When I post photos on my blog, I always try to make sure that the pictures you see are in the “Top 10%” category, that is that they are among my best. You will notice that today, these pictures are far from my best. In fact, I normally wouldn’t show these to anyone and probably would erase them from my computer. I not had to adjust them fairly radically, but much cropping was required to show any kind of detail.

Nevertheless, I wanted to show you these Bald Eagle pictures because they are, in my mind, such amazing birds. These giants are fairly common around here and the ones pictured below hand around the big yellow cranes on close to Burrard Inlet, at the foot of Lonsdale street in North Vancouver.

I especially wanted to show you the first photo because it shows that although these are massive birds, especially on the northwest Pacific coast, because of all that fish they can readily catch, they are also amazingly agile flyers. If you look closely, you will notice that the bird on the right is actually flying upside down. Now that is the case because it did a 360° cartwheel. Now I’m not entirely sure why it chose to do that, but I have a hunch. As you can see on this picture, the eagles were, as is often the case, shadowed and harassed by crows and my guess is that the eagle just wanted them to know who was the boss, not in a threatening way, but simply by showing just how well they could fly. But then again, maybe it just felt like doing a cartwheel!







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