Two Brown Creepers fighting…

You see the strangest things when you hang around birds long enough, like these two Brown Creepers who, having chased each other in flight around a tree trunk for a few seconds, seemingly collided in mid-air and then started having a brawl on the ground. They probably would not have noticed if I stepped on them (they were that close), so engrossed were they in their struggle.



5 thoughts on “Two Brown Creepers fighting…

    1. Interesting point you make there (as always): Until my arrival in Metro Vancouver, most of my birding was done in the Great Far East (Ontario and Quebec) and I too only rarely saw BRCR’s and then only solo, so to speak. But, as usual on the Left/Wet/West Coast, things are not quite the same as in the rest of the world, so I started noticing that seeing one creeper meant that there was a pretty good chance that there would be a few other colleagues around. In this particular case, three of them were hanging out, but it didn’t end so well for two of them.

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