Vancouver City Bird 2014/2015


Six iconic bird species residing all year in Vancouver are competing for votes to be honoured as this year’s official City Bird. The winning bird will be used in promotional material for 2014/2015’s Bird Week (information on this year’s event may be found here). So get your vote in by May 10! To find out more about the 2015 Vancouver City Bird competition, please visit:

To do my part to increase voter turnout in an unpartisan, even-handed way, I will feature (starting tomorrow) a daily blog post with stories and photos of each species. So come back over to my blog over the next six days and then get your vote on!

I probably should also tell you that each bird has its own Twitter account – now how appropriate is that? In alphabetical order, here are each bird’s Twitter handle: @annathebird @northernflick @pacificwren @thevariedthrush @vancityblackcap @vanwoodpecker (BTW, I will post each species in this order and *not* in order of preference.)

You may wonder: Why is there a photo of the Northwestern Crow at the start of this blog? Answer: Because it was the Vancouver City Bird in 2013/2014!


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