@thevariedthrush: Varied Thrush


The Varied Thrush is the fourth bird to be featured this week on my blog so that you, my dear reader, can make an informed choice when you vote in the 2014/2015 Vancouver City Bird contest — which you must do before May 10.

Aside from being an incredibly beautiful thrush with a rich orange coloration in the front and dark slate (almost blue) in the back, this bird has one of the most haunting and oddly almost-human whistles, which is quite beautiful in its simplicity.

Another interesting fact about this bird is that some individuals have an extremely rare variant plumage in which the orange parts are replaced by white. I thought this was quite interesting in light of the photo below: This bird had one mostly white eyebrow (the other was orange). Now this individual’s bill is clearly damaged — I wonder if there is a link?



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