Vancouver’s Bird Week 2014 Blitz


In honour of Vancouver’s Bird Week 2014, beginning today and culminating on May 10 for International Migrating Bird Day, I will feature a “blitz” of bird photos that I have taken since January in the greater Vancouver area.

Some, like today’s photo of a lovely Orange-crowned Warbler feeding on the nectar of a flowering tree, will feature migratory birds, while others will show birds that remain with us all year. [Update: I probably should have told you, dear reader, that I took this photo in North Vancouver in late April, along the North Shore Spirit Trail in Kings Mill Walk Park.]

And to encourage all of you continue participating in the hotly contested Vancouver City Bird competition, I will also use my Twitter feed to point to my previous blog posts on the six “avian candidates” vying to become the new City Bird.

So if you are in the Vancouver area, please take some time to participate in this week’s activities, as listed here… and don’t forget to go birding!


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