Today’s “bird photo blitz” in honour of Vancouver’s Bird Week 2014 features two life-long enemies: The majestic Bald Eagle and the feisty – some might use the word “insane,” instead – Northwestern Crow.

I won’t say much about the relationship between these two species, except to point out that the best way to spot an eagle – aside from the fact that its hugeness makes it hard to miss, of course – is to follow the crows, especially if they are screaming bloody murder (pun intended)!

As this picture makes clear, eagles might get slightly annoyed by the attention, but they never seem overly concerned. This may be explained by the fact that an eagle’s body is as long as the crow’s outstretched wings and that the attacker could easily be transformed into a snack by the “attackee.” But the persistence (insanity?) of the crows can be truly awe-inspiring. Both birds reside in the greater Vancouver region all year long, by the way.

I was lucky enough to get this photo a few days ago along West Vancouver’s Centennial Seawalk, a few steps west of Weston Park.


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