Scrumptious starfish!


I took this photo of a flying Glaucous-winged Gull with a purple/red starfish* in its mouth next to Stanley Park’s Seawall in Vancouver… I wish I hadn’t clipped off its left wing, but I still like the drama! Have a great week.

*According to an article in Wikipedia, this starfish may be the “Pisaster ochraceus, generally known as the purple sea star, ochre sea star or ochre starfish, … a common starfish found among the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Identified as a keystone species, Pisaster is considered an important indicator for the health of the intertidal zone.” Unfortunately, I just read an article in our local newspaper that these starfish may be falling prey to a mysterious disease, so our coasts may be less healthy than they should be. Climate change may once again be at issue…


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