Photos from Vancouver Island


Red-breasted Nuthatch (female) | Saanich, BC | June 21, 2014

Since I’ve been away from these pages for a couple of weeks, I figured I would drop by for a few minutes and show you a few pictures I took during my trip to Vancouver Island last weekend. Thanks to the Victoria Natural History Society (Twitter: @VictoriaNHS), Cathy O’Connor (@DustypupVI) and Erin Bayus (@Erin_WFT) for the great birding suggestions! Although I did not have enough time to check these places out, I have noted them all down and will check them out when I have more time to do some serious birding on the Island.

Although short, this was a great excursion with my family, except for the fact that my camera fell to the ground and must now be repaired. If you wish to see more pictures on these pages, let’s hope Nikon can: a) actually repair it and b) does not charge too much to do the work!

BTW, who can tell me which of these five species are not native to the Island (hint: One of them is not a bird)?


Glaucus-winged Gulls (attacking a crab) | Victoria, BC | June 22, 2014


Black Oystercatchers | Victoria, BC | June 22, 2014


California Quail (male) | Saanich, BC | June 20, 2014


Common Wall Lizard | Saanich_BC | June 21, 2014


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