I’m back, if only for a short while (with a Brown Creeper photo)!


After being absent from these pages for almost a month, I figured I should post at least one new picture. I haven’t had the time to do a lot of birding or wildlife photography lately, but I have been lucky enough to get a few good shots here and there.

I got this photo of a Brown Creeper at UBC’s Point Grey campus, right next to the city of Vancouver. I am always amazed when I see these little birds: They seem to vanish for days, even weeks on end and then they suddenly appear right under your nose. This was literally true in this case: I am fairly sure that if I had not moved reflexively, one of these birds would actually have landed on my camera lens, probably to see if any tasty bugs lived there. And the bird taken above was so close to me at one point, that I actually had to back up so that my lens could focus on it.

Although I am greatly enjoying the glorious summer that we have had this year, I am looking forward to the start of the fall migration and winter arrivals. Maybe then I will be able to post photos more regularly!


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