Fall is here… and so are the Cedar Waxwings!


Oddly enough, in this part of the world, I especially welcome the arrival of fall! Although the long, warm and lazy days are over and even if we will now have cooler temperatures and much rain (!?!) for several months, autumn also heralds the arrival of our long “bird season,” which actually runs from September to May (strangely enough, summer is relatively quiet around the Vancouver area when it comes to birds).

This photo of a Cedar Waxwing eating a berry is a clear indication of the changing seasons: The fruits are now quite ripe and birds are once again flocking together. In fact, these birds nearly landed on my head, allowing me to take a large number of good to excellent pictures! I may very well post a few more of them in the next few days, as well as photos of another species that signals the start of bird season (I will keep the mystery going for a few more days)…

[UPDATE: I should have indicated that this is a juvenile Cedar Waxwing and that the photo was taken a few days ago on the Point Grey (Vancouver) campus of the University of British Columbia, a few steps from the Clock Tower.]


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