I’m still here!


I have yet again neglected to post anything on my blog for several weeks, so I thought I should provide some proof that I am still out and about taking pictures of birds and other subjects! I took this Ring-billed Gull yesterday on Wreck Beach, next to Vancouver’s University of British Columbia. This photo was taken at a focal length of 75mm, because this bird wanted to get very close to me. In fact, I had to back up on numerous occasions to continue taking photos! I guess it thought I might have tasty snacks (I guess it didn’t know that I never hand feed birds, because it is quite bad for them – more about that in a future post).


2 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. I was at Granville Island when I saw a seagull swoop down and grab someone’s lunch. I find them to be extremely intelligent. They are determined and focused. And when they take flight, they have a graceful elegance.

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