Back in the saddle… with a Hermit Thrush!


Looking at my posts, I realized that I stopped posting any of my photos on a regular basis after late October 2014. This is quite ironic, since I have rarely if ever been as active with my camera, especially with regards to birds. To remedy this situation, I will try to publish one post every day as long as I can. Today, I will schedule several posts, each of which will contain at least one photo.

Today, I am going back to late October and to my first photographic encounter with the lovely (if understated) Hermit Thrush. This particular individual was taken not far from the Clock Tower of the University of British Columbia’s Point Grey campus, just outside of Vancouver. I was reasonably happy with the few shots I got on this day (even though they were far from perfect), but got much better ones only a few days later. I will post a few of these tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle… with a Hermit Thrush!

    1. Equal parts equipment (Nikon!!!), skill (knowing your subject and practice), time (I spend a lot of time outdoors with my camera in hand) and just plain luck…

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