A break from the birds… (!?!)


I thought I would take a brief break from my bird photos to post this picture of some lovely purple flowers. Perhaps one of my readers can tell me what they are? I probably should know, but I simply do not know flowers well enough! These were taken in Wesbrook Village, just south of the University of British Columbia.

[Update: Thanks to Natalie, I have just learned that these are irises.]

[Further update: Thanks to Myr, I have learned that these are Iris versicolor (Northern Blue Flag Irises), a native species to North America.]


10 thoughts on “A break from the birds… (!?!)

      1. I was glad too when I found out they are native. The yellow flag irises are very common in Vancouver but unfortunately they are not native and they are invasive. I still like them though… in small quantities.

        Did you notice the bearded irises earlier this spring? There is one that smells a bit like Welch’s grape juice. I smelled it just in case and was pleasantly surprised. It is a pale violet bearded iris. I think it is called Princess Beatrice.

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