Savannah Sparrow in Richmond, BC


Savannah Sparrow | Bruant des prés | Passerculus sandwichensis: I wish this bird had chosen to perch on a nearby tree branch, but it really seemed to prefer this barbed wire fence! And I also wish that I had remembered to turn down the ISO setting (I was taking photos at a swim meet in a badly lit pool on the same day).

But in any event, I am happy that I was able to find and photograph this bird, especially since the photo above clearly shows the meal this attentive parent was about to bring to its chicks!

Taken on May 30, 2015, in Richmond, BC, Canada, not far from the Frasesr River, with a handheld Nikon D5200 and AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED (top and bottom: ISO 2500 | 300mm | f/10 | 1/2500). Not baited, called in or set up.



2 thoughts on “Savannah Sparrow in Richmond, BC

  1. I took one of a Savannah Sparrow this weekend, and it was also on a barbed wire fence with its mouth stuffed with grubs! This made me laugh how similar their activities are, although a province away. Love this — and all — your photos!

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